New Wind Farm

Project Summary

This project consisted of the construction of a 32.45 MW Capacity New Wind Farm and Sub Station.
The wind farm was located on a green field site.


Topographic survey of existing site where wind farm was to be located.
Setting out of wind turbine locations and substation.
Structural surveys of existing old stone arch bridges for the heavy traffic related to the construction of the wind farm.

Civil/Structural Design

Structural design of wind turbine concrete bases, allowing for the large dynamic loads involved with harnessing wind energy.

Project Management

Supervision of the construction of various aspects of the projects.
These included the excavation, preparation and construction of wind turbine concrete bases and the construction of an Electrical Substation.



Enerco Energy
(Member of Craydel Group)



Completion Date


Services Provided

Site Survey
Structural Survey
Civil/Structural Design
Project Management