New Meat Processing Factory

Project Summary

This Project consisted of the construction of a New Cooked Meats and Raw Meats Processing Factory on a green field site. The design and supervision of the project was carried out in its entirety by Lynch & Associates which included the following, the design of the Civil / Structural including all the Architectural Detailing, the design of Mechanical and Electrical Services included Vacuum Systems, the design and detailing of the Refrigeration and HVAC Systems for both High Temperature and Low Temperature which had a Heat Rejection Capacity of 4.5 Mw and the design of the Effluent Plant to treat the waste from this Factory.

Civil/Structural Design

Design of a 20,000m2 Factory with 2,500m2 of Offices and Amenities. The Main Factory structure consisted of R.C. Columns and block walls with a steel truss roof structure and finished to a food grade standard.

Refrigeration and HVAC

The Refrigeration consisted of the design and detailing of a 4.5mW Refrigeration Plant including both High Temperature and Low Temperature Systems.

Electrical Services

The Electrical Services included the design and detailing of a 4.5 Mw HT Supply, an LT Control and Distribution System and associated wiring and a Building Management System for the running and control of the Plant.

Mechanical Services

The Mechanical Services consisted of the design and detailing of the Mechanical Services including 2 no. Steam Boilers rated at 6,000 Kg each, a Heat Recovery System, Hot and Cold Water System, Air Distribution System and a High Pressure Cleaning System including all pumps, Compressors, Boilers and Tanks.

Effluent Plant

The Effluent Plant was designed to treat 700m3 per day with a B.O.D loading of 1400mg/l or 2,350 Kg of B.O.D. per day using an activated sludge system in Steel Tanks.

Project Management

Lynch & Associates were appointed Project Managers for the project where the remit was to appoint all the Contractors in agreement with the Client, co-ordinate the different Contractors on site, monitor the work to ensure that it was carried out to a satisfactory standard, monitor the costs on an ongoing basis and agree the final accounts.



Duffy Meats Ltd.
(trading as KERRY Foods)


Shillelagh, Wicklow

Completion Date

1994 | Phase 1
2000 | Phase 2



Services Provided

Site Survey
Civil & Structural Design
Refrigeration Design
HVAC Design
Electrical Services
Mechanical Services
Effluent Plant Design
Project Management